Who We Are?

Signal Travel Concierge Services

The World’s Premier Luxury Travel Agency

Signal Travel Concierge Services is a leader in the luxury and active travel industry. We have a team doing what we love, helping your memories of traveling to unforgettable luxurious places worldwide.

What sets us apart?

Our thoughtful, detailed, organized trip itinerary process, elegant hotels, world-class dining, and renowned travel guide leadership skills. We carefully select each of our own tour guide directors, who have received consistent praise and recognition from our guests.

Signal Travel Concierge Services sets the standard for incredible, luxurious, active, and Multi-Adventure trips throughout destinations worldwide. We customize your trip itinerary for a single traveler or a group. Never limit your opportunities to explore the world… that is the Signal Travel Concierge Services mindset.

Company Vision

We are a leading provider for worldwide clients looking to travel to exotic destinations. For 20 years, our team has had expertise in traveling the globe far and beyond to exciting and beautiful locations.

Through our firsthand experiences, we understand and have discovered a “need” for a vacation coordinator is important to provide a memorable travel experience. Many times, we have seen guests not feel autonomy when assigned to a guided tour or a cruise vacation.

When traveling independently – we have seen guests spend countless hours researching unfamiliar locations for things like ideal places for accommodations, transportation while on holiday, available tour guides, local sites to visit, trying to get a native language-speaking guide that we could assist with many things from reservations for shows or events in advance, etc…

Often this leaves travelers finding themselves frustrated and wishing they had an experienced agent/guide familiar with our location of interest; we have identified a value proposition need in the travel industry.

Our goal is to provide an alternative experience different than what you would get in the traditional guided tour industry. We want to make your travel experience seamless and enjoyable through detailed planning specific to your needs and wants as you embark on your journey to a different country.

The Joy of Exploring Actively

Concierge Travel annually hosts many private tour groups for Business Corporations, Families or Couples, or Individuals or guests wanting a relaxing vacation experience.

We pride ourselves on providing continual support throughout the trip, attending to our guests’ every need. We offer top-of-the-line transportation services: Buses, Vans, and other requested equipment by our guests to give them the flexibility that they want. From easy-going to avid adventurous – all activity levels are welcome!

Adventures Are Better Together

Our philosophy is that traveling is so enjoyable and provides special moments. Because of the people you share them with… we’ve helped create a community of travelers worldwide who share a common passion and love for exploring the world!

Our specific group sizes are small enough to deliver the personalized support you need or large enough to keep engagement fun and entertaining, whatever interests or activities our guests may have… With Concierge Travel’s unique trip itineraries thoughtfully tailored to different travelers’ interests and wants, your adventure will feel like it was designed just for you!

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